Poslaju Tracking

Track your Poslaju Parcel Shipment

Pos Laju is the largest courier service provider in Malaysia offering its services across the entire nation. Known for its speedy delivery of packages and other quality services, it has managed to gain customer trust for years. A PosLaju tracking number will help you to check the status of your package, dispatch, or the shipment.

Furthermore, if you are inquisitive to know about the delivery of your parcels, all you need is its Tracking number. With merely entering it you will be able to trace and track it down.

Reference: https://onlinetrackingnumbers.com/v4/pictures/malaysia-post-tracking.jpg

How to find Poslaju Tracking Number?

No doubt, in just seconds, your tracking number will update you about the parcel status. To get your tracking number, check your receipt that you received from Pos Laju when you handed them over the consignment. The tracking number is right there at the top of the receipt just above the barcode. Once you get the tracking number, enter it in the specified box available on its online page to check its status.

(Product code) (A Serial Number) (MY)

The arrangement when putting into alphanumeric number configuration seems like the accompanying:

EN 279018099 MY

You can refer below images to get the product code and descriptions for the Pos Laju track and trace system.


About Pos Laju Company

Pos Laju is a renowned name in the field of courier service provider of Malaysia with its services available on more than thousands of Pos locations. These Pos locations comprise its several branches, authorized agents, big and small outlets, different service stations, many Pos-on-wheels and lastly its Pos Laju Go2U mobile units. Some of its features like Next Day Delivery and Same Day Delivery give it an edge over its competitors in the market. Moreover, with Pos Laju, you can send a courier in almost anywhere in the nation since it covers 80% population of the country. Not only within the state but Pos Laju has also made it convenient to send and receive international couriers as well. Also, to ensure that all its customer can enjoy their services well after the working hours and on weekends, there are over 100 authorized agents hired for that job.

What other services doethe s Pos Laju company offer?

Well, if you think that Pos Laju has its operation restricted to courier purpose, then you are wrong. Along with the courier services, it also offers PosLaju track and trace services.

The list of services that comes under it includes Pos Laju courier tracking services, Pos Laju package tracking services and even, Pos Laju transportation tracking services. Apart from these, it has Time Certain Service, Borneo Economy Express service, Next Day Delivery service and Same Day Delivery service.

In addition to these services, it provides its customers Putrajaya Express service, Pos Laju Prepaid Box, and Envelope service, International Delivery service, and PosLaju Insurance.

Sending your consignment is a cake walk with Pos Laju. The process divided into four easy steps. The first step is about online filling up the details regarding the shipment followed by the next step which is creating an airway bill. The third step is a volumetric weight check of your consignment as the shipping charges will be in accordance to the weight.

In the final stage is to make sure that there are no prohibited items inside the parcel. The banned item list includes antiques, precious stones, gold jewelry, currency, drugs, firearms, animals, live plants and human parts. Similarly, obscene CDs and DVDs, explosives, inflammable materials, and radioactive materials are also part of this list.