Poslaju Tracking

Poslaju Tracking is a most renowned parcel delivery and shipment company of Malaysia, that is working with almost 1000 of its branch offices. We can estimate the working efficiency of Poslaju Tracking, by the branch numbers of this company.

It frequently provides the customer with next-day delivery along with well-mannered customer services. People who have benefited from this courier approach can also track their parcel online in order to check if it is delivered or not.

The Poslaju Tracking company has a well-defined and most obvious significance and reputation all around the country and sophisticatedly covers more than 80% of the country area in respect of delivery services.

The areas that are hard to reach for the persons, can easily get into the approach of the Poslaju Tracking courier company.

Most of the stable activity is managed by the retail outlets and subordinate branches. It is not compulsory that the main office has only a single means of delivering the parcel. It is lined up with quick reachable means for the right and timely delivery of the parcels to the destinations.

How to find Poslaju Tracking Number?

How to find Poslaju Tracking Number?

Your tracking number will update you on the parcel’s status in just seconds. Check the receipt that you received when you handed over the consignment to Pos Laju for the tracking number. There is a tracking number right above the barcode at the top of the receipt. When you get the tracking number, enter it in the box provided on its online page to check its status.

(Product code) (A Serial Number) (MY)

Putting into alphanumeric number configuration, the arrangement looks like the following:

EN 279018099 MY

Here are the Pos Laju track and trace system product code and descriptions.

Pos Laju track and trace system


Let’s discuss the working and functionality of Poslaju Tracking in detail;

What is Poslaju Tracking?

Poslaju Tracking term actually refers to a service delivery that provides you with the thing you order online or some other person dispatches it for you from another end. It mainly works at the two-end encryption without any scam alert.

The customer dropped the parcel at the nearby branch of Poslaju Tracking. When the parcel was posted over the worker’s counter, they allotted that parcel a special barcode and entered its receipt confirmation in their system after scanning the barcode.

Then you receive an entry status of your consignment. It is the first moment of relief for the customer as they know that within a day or more, his parcel will be delivered to the main address. After the entry status, your parcel is dispatched and on its way to the destination.

After that, the parcel will reach the “Parcel Hub” which is a crucial place for the right sorting of the parcel. There the packs are processed again, rechecked with respect to their barcodes, and confinely sorted according to their delivery regions.

Moreover, the parcel hub also considers the postcodes in terms of assigning the right delivery office. From the main parcel hub, the packet is traveled towards the delivery office of Poslaju Tracking in the area near you.

The parcel you are waiting for is just a mile away from you. It has been dispatched to the post office so that they can deliver you to your doorstep along with the status confirmation action.

Whenever you receive the confirmation of your parcel delivery make sure someone receives that at the address. If no one will be right there at the delivery time, the parcel will be sent back to the post office.

If this happens, then you have to make your own way in order to collect your parcel. You will need to visit your nearby post office or the delivery address mentioned in the parcel status for getting your order in your hands.

This might be an uncomfortable step for the customer. So to avoid this inconvenience, make sure the presence of someone at the recipient’s address to collect your delivery order.


Poslaju Tracking tries to ensure delivery with the most updated and modern means of communication. It enhances its delivery system day by day with modern acknowledgment of services and facilities.

  • It aids the customers by notifying them with e-mails about all the tracking details.
  • It keeps on updating the delivery status on the website from time to time
  • If any misconception occurs, then the authority will try to ensure a helpful guide to solve the delivery issues.
  • It can add an easy track widget shortcut other than the website for easy access to the track record.

Apart from all these services, Poslaju Tracking is becoming versatile day by day in order to make the delivery services more reliable and approachable.

Variant situation;

Poslaju Tracking tries to deliver their order more conveniently to the address mentioned on the delivery slip. But sometimes unforeseen situations occur. This unforeseen situation might include some climatic conditions, system breakage for some instances. In this situation, the authorities try to manage the situation in the most possible way.

In these circumstances, the status slips mention the point that the recipient has to collect their parcel on their own from the nearest Poslaju Tracking outlet.

Outlet details;

Poslaju Tracking company connects the courier delivery services along with almost 100 subordinated outlets; these outlets provide 24/7 delivery services at a time in order to maintain express mail at certain time and same-day delivery services.

Out of these 1000 outlets, there are almost 704 Pos Malaysia outlets, 4 Laju Go2U mobile units, 68 Laju Branches, 24-On Wheels, and 264 mini outlets. In addition to all this, there are 151 authorized agents that provide on-hand delivery along with the 6 PosLaju kiosks and 13 PosLaju service centers.

These outlets and service centers functioned in a highly efficient way in order to facilitate the customers.     

 What did Authorised Agents mean?

Authorized agents are the main factor in maintaining the system flow of Poslaju Tracking.   These agents make the easy parcel tracking and accessibility of the customers. These agents make the Poslaju Tracking shop, even more, workable and worthful for the administration purpose

Poslaju Tracking has hired various authorized agents that ensure the access of customers to the (44) customer service center of Poslaju Tracking. Not only this, but the agents also aid the users or customers to get access to the mailboxes, MPH Bookstores, and all other PROTON Edar branches for both dealers and sellers.

Poslaju Tracking tries to make up the service available all the time, but if the company is not making this need fulfilled, then these agents help the customers to reach their parcels even in the late working hours, as well as at weekends.

Parcel tracking system;

Poslaju Tracking provides easy access, timely delivery, and well-monitored customer service abilities. Along with all this, the administration allowed the customers to even track their parcel by allotting a special tracking number to them.

This tracking number consists of 14-digits that contain the whole of the travel history of that parcel from the workers’ table to the parcel hub and then to the post office. The tracking number for each parcel is unique and holds a special formation.

No two parcels can have the same tracking number. The tracking number begins with three alphabetical letters, and then has the 9-unique numeral digits. Finally again it ends with two alphabetical elements.

The tracking number is found above the visual image of the barcode or at the top corner of the form you receive while dispatching your parcel for delivery.

In case you have not found your tracking number, then contact the outlet or the administration out there.

Poslaju Contact details;

There is an optimized website on which you can check the delivery packages for placing the order; https://www.poslaju.com.my or for tracking your order considers the following link; https://delyva.com/my/tracking/poslaju/.

Moreover for the phone contact; +1-300-300-300. 

Frequently asked questions:

What is an estimation about the reach of Poslaju Tracking?

Poslaju Tracking is one of the widest delivery providing agencies in Malaysia. It delivers services to all the approachable geographical areas of Malaysia. Not only this, but it also facilitates more than 1000 strategic locations all beyond the country also. it provides all the reliable and convenient means that can connect the whole of Malaysia and the areas beyond.

How to track a parcel?

The parcel that you have sent to the address is easily tracked by the tracking number. Go to the official website of Poslaju Tracking; https://delyva.com/my/tracking/poslaju/. The page appears in front of you. Add the tracking number in the box and click on “TRACK”. With a single click, the site will tell you all the information about your parcel, that website knows about your parcel. It presents all the details including the time and location of parcel dispatching.

What are the working hours of Poslaju Tracking?

Poslaju Tracking provides more convenient services for the delivery assurance of customers. They are available to facilitate them rightly; the details of their working are same from Monday to Saturday with one day off on Sunday.
The services are available from 8:30 am till 6:00 pm in the evening in the main and outlet offices.

The Final Verdict;

The guide has more than enough information if you want to dispatch some stuff for the other far by areas. Poslaju Tracking company ensures the delivery with full care and protection without harming and deteriorating the sensitive stuff inside the parcel.

Not only this, but Poslaju Tracking also facilitates online shopping activity. The sellers make it a first priority to deliver their products on ten doorsteps of the customers by making collaboration with them.

I hope this has helped you enough to choose Poslaju Tracking, for your delivery activities.